1. Mystery


© 2016 Kirk Reid

Verse 1:
Where does the wind blow?
Where does it come from? Who can know?
That remains a mystery.
How can eagles fly
So effortlessly? They don't even try.
Where do seasons come and go?

Chorus 1:
This is such a mystery
Happening right in front of all to see.
This is just the way that some of all things go.
It is not a fantasy;
It's not an illusion of reality.
It is just a mystery that's making a show.

Verse 2:
The spirit of a man;
Where does it come from? I don't understand.
That's a greater mystery.
But is there something more?
The greatest mystery in store.
Could it be the Spirit of Eternity?

Chorus 2:
Could it be this Mystery
Is coming alive inside of me?
Could it be the Life inside is starting to show?
It is not a fantasy
It is not an illusion of reality
Could it be that I have finally let go?

I wanna know.
I think I know.

Alive in me!

Alive in me!